Saturday, September 10, 2011

You're Lucky, I'm Lucky . . . The Bannister's Lucky!

I am very lucky to have friends who have supported me throughout the years in this crazy writing endeavor. One of those amazing women has set about creating a crochet doll (2 I should say -- one for the live character and one for the dead one). She is amazingly gifted, and especially so with her hands. (Down, perverts!) The link below takes you to her progress as she crochets. Eva here.

The dolly will be doing some fascinating trips around L.A. and other parts. If you can suggest a place she can go, send me a line to: I'd love to hear where you might see Ivy, Eva, Ahx or Aiden wandering!

Friday, September 9, 2011

We've Got My Precious!

And we loves it! Golum, Golum! Thank you HoneyandOllie for the gorgeous earrings! Spooky and wonderful! Now to take a pic and show what they look like, and eagerly await the Pretty Death  -inspired ones! Getting giveaway stuff ready!

Also got my first review off Amazon! LoveAndBooks  liked it! Go check it out!

Had lots of great feedback both from Facebook and from Amazon comments and reviews. I'm so glad that the Mayan Myths are new and interesting. I've had a cool mix of readers like it so far! Here are the links to both pages:

I'm so excited and happy that it's out! Keep reading, I promise more will come . . . .SOON!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flying Away On a Wing and a Prayer...

"Pretty Death" is winging its way across computers, Kindles, Nooks and assorted other e-readers. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy, recommended one, written a review, told a friend or even said: "That crazy girl from  ( fill in blank here ) finally did it."

My forthcoming short story will be part of an anthology with Bonaparte Press, coming out Fall 2011. It is not an urban fantasy, but a contemporary erotic romance, replete with a hot Scot, corsets and steamy outdoor scenes. Can't reveal much just yet, but I hope readers will enjoy it!

Now back to work, and compulsively, erratically and hopefully checking Amazon!

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Yes, I used to watch "The Greatest American Hero."