Monday, June 24, 2013

Stand and Deliver!

We're the dandy highwaymen so tired of excuses
Of deep-meaning philosophies where only showbiz loses
We're the dandy highwaymen and here's our invitation:
"Throw your safety overboard and join our insect nation!"

So, here's the skinny: Round of Words in 80 Days.

I decided that small measurable goals would help motivate me, and since I'm so horribly out of sync time-wise with my usual writing dervishes (The Dandy Highwaywomen, actually) that I wanted a way to connect with them (possibly, if I can motivate them to take a bite of this lovely apple) and/or other authors. It's been motivating getting in touch via Twitter and Facebook, but some actual dialogue or inspiration is still necessary for me. I'm a carrot, more than a stick, girl.

Okay. Chocolate-girl.

 Anyway, It's been invigorating to see others hyped up and meeting the MEASURABLE goals. No high-in-the-sky goals. Those are my Big Project goals, my Beginning with the End in Mind Goals. (Yes, how very 7 Habits, right?) Something I can pat myself on the back, and actually feel like I can get done in tandem with this raising kids, dogs, fish and God-Knows-What-Else! 

With that in mind here are my measurable, attainable goals for #ROW80, starting July 1st.

1) I will write 800 words per day. Unflaggingly. Even if it's word-barf-minestrone-insanity by the end of the night.

B) Yes. B, thank you very much. I will read at least 2 pages of Non-Fiction research  a day.
4.3) I will do my ROW80 check-ins.

c) I will limit my FB/Twitter activity to 1 hour in the morning, and any additional time after the 800 words per day are done. There will be WORD SALAD!!

Lastly) I haven't figured out if there is a lastly yet. TBD

Yep. There you have it.  It's time to get on top of this, and move my craft forward. Like the great philosopher and  fashonista Adam Ant once said: "We're the dandy highwaymen so tired of excuses!"
No more procrastination! WIP: "STAND AND DELIVER!!!!"


  1. Hmm, I was always more of "Strip" fan when it comes to Adam Ant songs (love the tune, the lyrics not so much), but it doesn't really work for writing. "Stand and Deliver" works for me!

    Sounds like some really attainable goals. You just have to stick with it and move forward daily. You can do it.

    But you knew that.

  2. Thanks so much! Got me playing that on iTunes now! It's a challenge to put attainable goals, and then not race to overachieve. Pooped myself out the other night. But I've been doing well since I started thinking about doing ROW80.

  3. How does a rabbit move forward like a turtle? I always identified with the rabbit, run, run. But those ROW80 goals keep me focused. I really like how you stress attainable. Have you looked at It's an online private "morning pages" approach that may fit. I'm using it now AFTER my revisions for the day are done to map out the next book. Fun. What I like best about ROW80 is that we're really a writing community, supportive on those days when not every goal is reached and ready to celebrate every success. May this round go well for you!

  4. 800 words a day is a great goal. I need to set a number and just do it! Love that you are limiting your FB time. I need to put a limit on ALL social media time.

    Wishing you lots of words and progress this round!