Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nefarious Plans, Dirty Deeds . . .

So, some nefarious planning is underway at ! Always with an eye out for "pretties" (both of the male persuasion and sparkly baubles) I have scoured and found the perfect item for the first "Pretty Death" Giveaway. Let me tell you . . . They are GORGEOUS! Many thanks to the artist in question, who can be found at honey&ollie. More info and pics in the coming days!

And as if Ms. Honey&Ollie were not amazing enough for her art, here's a little bit of inspiration from her own blog that made my mind blossom: Clearance Buddha & The Eightfold Rabbits.  In particular, one phrase resonated, in her explanation of The Eightfold Rabbits: "[T]hose little ideas for stories or projects or paintings or shawls, the ones that proliferate and breed in the dark corners of the imagination."

I'm off to chase my eightfold rabbits, as I raise my sparkling lime water to you, Ms. Honey&Ollie!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, yay! Thank you for the nice words!

    Also, I just read your bio on B& when I was buying my Nookbook copy of Pretty Death. You play D&D? I knew you were cool... but this just clinches it. You are like, uber paragon tier pick an extra feat just because, cool.