Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three . . . More . . . Days!

Been sleeping way too little, jonesing on caffeine, and obsessing way too much about the upcoming release of my first book, Pretty Death. It's an e-book and it's being published by Bonaparte Press, as part of their Aurora line.

Three more days and I'll be a published author. I sold a story and it'll be up on Amazon, Smashwords . . . sky's the limit! Sure, it's not "The Great American Novel," but frankly, once you meet me, you'll understand why that just doesn't apply.
WARNING:  My ideas have demons, shape-shifters, curses, hunks, and lots of naughty bits . . . okay, tons of naughty bits (Read: SEX). And as the rest of the stories come out, they will get naughtier.

So, in three more days, BUY THE BOOK! <---Not so subliminal message!

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